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Four seasons praised by Tayama Flower Bag

It stands on the mountainside of Mt. Godake and is a quiet hot spring in the mountains. There used to be a lot of famous hot springs in Shinshu, but there was no blessing with the beauty of the four seasons as much as the hot springs, “Taisyou Flower Praise celebrated. In the spring, cherry blossoms, fists, apples, irises, and flowers of rainbow trout flower overflow and the whole mountain becomes a treasure trove of wild plants.
Omotoya Ryokan
In the summer it is adorable alpine plant flowers, the cattle of the relaxed ranch. In autumn, Matsutake mushroom faces the mountain country ‘s daughter, apples are fruitful, greet the burning autumn leaves. Mt. Asama, when it is covered with fresh snow in the Alps, it is a delicious season of sake and pickles, there are lyrics in the winter landscape of Yamazato. Moreover, Yoshikazu Fujimoto also acknowledges that it is “an unprecedented journey.”

Taishōji Triple Tower (National Treasure)

It is the oldest triple tower remaining in Shinshu in the late Kamakura period and is said to be a masterpiece comparable to the triple towers of Nara and Kyoto. The triple roof draws a beautiful curve, the companion rises high above the sky.

Stone Buddha of Shinara Roku Pass

I walk to the mountain road of the pristine forest from the Ogura Pass at the county border of Oguri-gun and Higashiku-mama county, and it will arrive at Amanomiya shrine for about 20 minutes. The backyard of the shrine’s shrine is a treasure house of stone Buddhism / Ishigami. In the daytime still dark forests, 800 stones of Ishigami, Ishigami and Dogen god line narrowly. In the past, from the end of the Bakumatsu to the Meiji era, this mountain had a spirit of a spirit of “Shurinaga Tenmuta”, a reshuffling student who had novelties, and said he had rescued rain, held prayers, and saved neighboring people. It is reported that they gave a small stone Buddha and Ishigami for their thanks. I’m gonna have that number 800 body · · ·.

Yasuda-ji Temple Hakkado Triple Tower (National Treasure)

As you climb the gentle stone stairs in Sugihiki stand, between the trees, the national treasure octagonal triple tower is standing at edge. Because it is four layers, it looks like a quadruple tower but it is a triple tower. The lowest roof is called a shakisai and it is a chime roof installed one level below the eaves of the tower. It is estimated that the founding age is the end of the Kamakura period.

Kita Kannon

The history of Kitamidan Kannon is old, it is founded in 825. It is famous as a Kannon that gathers the faith of the people of all over Japan from the old days and is a misery. As the name suggests, it is facing Nagano · Zenkoji in the north, facing the south, and if you visit Zenkoji, you should also visit the Northward Kannon? It is said that your wishes will not hurt as they come. The two years of coming and Setsubun is quite crowded with good and bad ladies, and there are also many entertainers’ worshipers. There are big trees of ‘Aizen wig’ and numerous monuments in the precinct.

Maezanji Mie Tower (National Important Cultural Property)

We called the Maeyamaji Mieke Tower with no balustrade or windows in the 2nd, 3rd layer as “unfinished finished tower”. Simple beauty calls people’s empathy, and it is designated as an important cultural asset of the country. It is presumed to be the early Muromachi period building, and the harmony between the peace, which was completed in the Heian period, and the Tang which was conveyed during the Kamakura period is magnificent.

omotoya ryokan

Silent House

It collects and displays the remains of painting students who fought in World War II. There are over 300 artifacts such as paintings of young people scattered on the battlefield and bronze statues and magazines and magazines, letters and favorite easel. Shinano Drawing House owner Seiichiro Kubishima built as a branch of the same building.

Ueda Castle Ruins

Uedajo is a famous castle that served as the stage for the work of the warrior and Sanada family during the Warring States Period. Masayuki Sanada completed the unusual Heijo with no castle tower in Tensho 12 years. It was a solid castle that was easy to defend against the Chikumagawa river cliff and difficult to attack. It broke the army of Tokugawa twice, and the bamboo name of Sanada rose to the heavens.

Chuzenji (important cultural property of the country)

Chūzenji Yakushido which is said to be the oldest wooden building in central Japan is said to be founded in the early Kamakura period and has been designated as an important cultural property of the country. It is said that the “Hakata Traditional Hall” building is typical of the Amidado style created in the late Heian period. A simple construction with a heavy roof of gently spreading kaya roof shows a majestic appearance.

The Benefits of Ryokan Observation Bath

As the years pass the world is able to gain access to more kinds of medicine. Medicinal technology is progressing steadily and it seems like every single year, a breakthrough in the field happens. A lot of incurable diseases which have devastated the world from the past have already been solved by modern day medicine. From treating simple wounds to getting closer to solving some of the biggest medicinal mysteries, it looks like this field is really pushing the limits of humanity.

In a world governed by science and a medicine field ruled by technology, it seems like traditional medicinal practices have no room to thrive anymore. However, you just could not write these things off because although others medicines can address the problems more directly and effectively, alternative medicine can bring about something priceless to the table and that is experience.

Ryokan Observation Bath

Traditional baths are known all around the world and throughout history for being a great relaxant. Furthermore, there have been a lot of claims also regarding this practice’s health benefits. From relieving you of muscle pains to simply relaxing you, traditional baths clearly still have something to say in this modern world.

In line with this, one of the traditional baths that you may not know of but should surely do is the Ryokan Observation Bath. Although relatively unknown to many, the Ryokan Observation bath is actually a very potent traditional bath that has a lot to offer. This alkaline simple hot spring, much like its traditional Japanese bath counterparts, has very therapeutic effects.

To be more specific, here are its known benefits for you:

  1. Treat Neuralgia

Neuralgia is defined as the burning, stabbing and generally unbearable pain in an area due to an either irritated or damaged nerve. Neuralgia can be very bothersome in most cases and they can also lead to many more conditions with the biggest one being the possibility of diabetes.

There are numerous types of neuralgia which depends on their source such as postherpetic neuralgia caused by a shingle outbreak. Neuralgia must be treated and identified quickly to avoid any more future complications.

Through the Ryokan Observation Bath, which acts as a full body hot compress, the nerves will swell more which is actually good so that the nutrients will circulate faster thus reaching the affected area.

  1. Relieve you of muscle pain

Although muscle pain can be alleviated by modern medicine, a lot of people still prefer simple cold or hot compresses to free themselves of the condition. Furthermore, modern medicine has acknowledged this fact by creating numerous treatments revolving the concept of a full body compress.

Athletes are known to undergo several kinds of full-body compress treatments after their games to relieve themselves of muscle pain the next day.Recently we read of some bodybuilding affiocandos on few review sites giving thump up this treatment.

The Ryokan Observation Bath can very much act as your muscle pain reliever also.

  1. Lessen Arthralgia

Arthralgia or joint pain is a condition often interchanged with its rather infamous sister: arthritis. Arthralgia is actually defined as joint pain but is less serious and less chronic than Arthritis. This condition can be treated effectively at home even with simple techniques of immobilization and compresses. Arthralgia is more on the stiffness of a joint rather than the inflammation of the area.

By taking a Ryokan Observation Bath and exposing the affected area to the alkaline hot water, you can improve circulation in the area and have more nutrients reach it. Furthermore, conditions similar to arthralgia such as frozen shoulder can also be alleviated by the same treatment.

  1. Helps you improve from motor paralysis

Motor paralysis is one of the more unfortunate conditions listed out in this article as it is defined as the loss of motor function in a certain part of the body due to the general disarray of the part. Damage in the nervous system can very much cause this condition which can take an individual’s limbs.

Although it will be hard and tedious to cure the condition, slow treatments may be able to improve its state. This is where the Ryokan’s therapeutic properties can come in.

  1. Reduces coldness

A drop in body temperature caused by long exposure to a cold weather can be very dangerous if left untreated. Simple coldness can actually lead to deadly diseases such as hypothermia which is why it is important to address them.

All the previous benefits mentioned after this number make use of Ryokan’s ability to widen the nerves but this one simply makes use of its relaxing heat. Furthermore, other diseases related to coldness such as Hypothyroidism should treat by the same practice also.

  1. Helps treat chronic gastrointestinal disease

Chronic gastrointestinal disease is a rainbow term for a lot of common stomach problems. This term can refer to conditions as simple as constipation to more serious ones such as cancer. Although some of these conditions can be taken lightly, treating yourself with a good hot exposure can do wonders for your stomach which you should gladly accept.

Sitting on a hot surface is known to induce some gastrointestinal functions and if you are having a hard time in that department then Ryokan should be of great service to you.

  1. Relaxes you to lessen mental health problems

Life can just simply overwhelming at times and that can take a large toll on your mental health.  As the days go by and your stress piles up, you are risking yourself more of acquiring and developing mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Although antidepressants are present in the market today, sometimes all you really need is a relaxing bath which you can take advantage of.

Relaxing once in a while should do you wonders and with the help of the Ryokan, your relaxation can reach higher levels.

These 7 things are just some of the Ryokan Observation Bath’s benefits. There are a lot more things to discover when talking about this and it is definitely worth trying out.

In the end, the choice is yours but just to reiterate what was said earlier, although medicines can directly treat your condition, dedicating some time for a good hot bath should be able to give you priceless benefits also.